The Market Value Process
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Identifying Market Goals

The first step in creating market value is to identify company goals through specific discussions with owners, key executives and with board of directors where appropriate.  Next, the market, customer and competitor dynamics are screened for identification of critical success factors that must be matched to your company stengths.

Establishing Market Focus

Market specifications are established and focus is determined with organizational consensus and ownership in order to develop the internal and external teamwork necessary to profitably position the products and services in the market.

Creating Market Success

Implementation and continuous improvement, through innovative planning and disciplined marketing and sales efforts are the keys to creating market value and success.


While successful marketing generally comprises all three of the above phases in the process, we are prpared to assist our clients in the phase they require most.  Therefore, our fees are determined with each client based upon the scope of each project.

We provide affordable solutions to your marketing opportunities.